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  Vertex Solution Pvt Ltd
Vertex Solutions a software development outsourcing provider of information technology solutions and services, started its business in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 2008.
The technologies we are most strong in are .NET, Java, PHP and ASP development on various platforms. Besides our experience, skills and the cost advantage, we offer friendly service, confidentiality etc to guarantee successful projects.
Catering to the variety of tailored needs of IT industry like Web Development, Web Designing, Software Development, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration and Data Entry Services throughout the world using cutting-edge technologies. Vertex Solutions has been formed to provide consultancy and Software development services of the highest quality, ensuring that the products and/or solutions are developed well within the time frame and budget allocated for them.
The sole objective of Vertex Solutions is to help improve the entire process of planning, development, implementation, change management and post-implementation support. Our highly qualified and experienced business analysts and project managers will help you through the project life cycle to achieve your desired objectives, giving you excellent quality of service.
The diverse nature of information technology revolution has had an impact well beyond the glass walls of the business organizations. Vertex Solutions, being in a unique position, has geared itself to help bridge the gap by providing e-solutions for its clients at affordable rates. Our team has worked for a wide range of companies, ranging from small/medium scale enterprises to large multinational companies. In a converging world of technology, the businesses that can adapt and change fastest will benefit most. Vertex Solutions has built an enviable reputation for delivering world class information technology solutions to winning organizations. Transforming our business in the process we have been able to grow and win customers in what has undoubtedly been that deepest recession to hit the technology industry in its lifetime. By remaining competitive Vertex Solutions enables you to take full advantage of the latest converging technology trends in business. Our unique business model for delivering world beating solutions means that your IT spending achieves the greatest ‘bang per buck’, maximizing value through aggressive pricing strategy.
As a software development firm, we know the needs of our clients as much as they do.
In addition to your core business, whatever you would like your work done by onsite or offshore development to save cost but without sacrificing the quality, we can help you! The company profile and the quotation from our clients will let you know us better.
Our services:
  Application development and systems integration CCTV Camera, DVR, NVR (Installation/Configuration/Remote Setting)
  Application management services Biometric Solution - Attendence / Lock Door Control /Customize control of anything through Finger. Software / Setting / Configuration
  Applications on Demand Business continuity and recovery Networking LAN /WAN/VPN , Installation / Setting / Configration
  Infrastructure and systems management Internet solution at remote Locations [Form Houses / Hotels / Resorts]
  IT performance Outsourcing / Hosting Technical support PBX Exchange Installation / Setting / Programming
  Development of Client / Server Applications Security/Sefty Equipments for any type of situation.
  E-commerce Solutions Internet and intranet development
  Research & Development, i.e. Evaluating new Telecom & IT technologies, monitoring latest trends, disseminating technical information etc.
  Feasibility studies of various Technical Projects
  Process Re-engineering and System Engineering
  Product Development and Analysis
  Product Up-gradation and Re-designing of Systems
Our objectives are:
  Deliver high quality software products.
  Offer low cost and error-free services.
  Always meet the criteria of client satisfaction.
  Always beat the deadline.
Contact us today to know how we can be helpful to you and your business.
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